This is an overview of software I have developed or contributed to. For a full list, see

As (co-)maintainer

  • spatialDE: Bioconductor package that wraps the Python SpatialDE library to find spatially variable genes from spatial transcriptomics data
  • TargetDecoy: Bioconductor package to evaluate the Target Decoy Approach for proteomics data, including a Shiny gadget for interactive exploration
  • Rmd-website: GitHub template repository to generate automated RMarkdown-based websites used to teach courses for the statOmics group at Ghent University
  • HDDAData: R Data package to provide easy access to data sets used in the High Dimensional Data Analysis course at Ghent University

As contributor

  • msqrob2: robust statistical inference for quantitative LC-MS proteomics
  • biocthis: automate package and project setup for Bioconductor packages
  • scRNAseq: collection of public single-cell RNA-seq datasets
  • TENxPBMCData: PBMC data from 10X genomics
  • bioc-actions: GitHub Actions for developing and maintaining Bioconductor packages
  • r-lib/actions: GitHub Actions for the R community